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Theory and practical Tests

All learner drivers and motorcyclists need to pass a Theory Test before they can move onto the Practical Test

The Theory Test comprises of two seperate elements - Multiple choice questions and Hazard Perception. You need to recieve a pass in both elements on the same sitting in order to pass


Part 1 - Multiple Choice Questions

You will be asked 50 questions taken from a syllabus of 13 topics and selected from a bank of nearly 900 questions. You need to answer at least 43 questions correctly in order to pass the test which lasts 57 minutes. You use a touch sensitive screen to record your answers.

Part 2 - Hazard Perception

After a tutorial video, you will watch 14 video clips lasting approx 1 minute each. The clips are filmed on real roads so they contain all types of hazards, vehicles, pedestrians and bad road conditions. Each developing hazard may require the driver to take some form of action, either changing speed or direction. You should respond by clicking the mouse button as you decide it is a valid hazard. Candidates can score up to five marks per hazard and there are 15 hazards. In order to pass you currently need to score 44 out of 75, but please note that the pass mark changes periodically. You should check with your instructor for the current pass mark.

You will be given your Theory Test results on the same day. Good Luck!

The Driving Test

Before you get behind the wheel to drive you will have to pass an eye sight test where you will be tested to see if you can read a car number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres.

Next you will be asked a show me question which will involve opening the bonnet and answering a question regarding the workings of the car and then a Tell me question again regarding some technical detail which during your lessons you will learn, then the test itself!

Driving examiners are trained to look for the 'perfect drive'. At the moment of getting into the car every candidate is considered to be perfect.Any deviation from this perfection is graded into three categories , Minor, Serious or dangerous, As a learner you are permitted to make up to 15 Minor faults, but one serious or dangerous fault would lead to failure.The syllabus of the driving test will be explained to you by your driving instructor and all topics will be covered on your driving lessons.

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